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Who Taught the Boys?

I wonder who taught the young boys that grow into men that it is cool to tote things. To tote things like guns and knives and their fists to defend without telling them that defense equates to harm and harm equates to hurt. Why didn’t they teach them that toting weapons and pulling them out to harm others hurts people’s families and friends and takes lives that we cannot just revive and make live again? Why didn’t they tell them once it’s done, it’s over after people pay for that wooden box to have dirt thrown over and then the sun sets, a soul floats and that weapon you tote has caused people to lose hope in life? Hope in humanity and now all they can do is cope with the thought that they may get to see their loved ones in an after-life that they aren’t sure exists. Who taught these young boys before they are men that this is how life is supposed to begin and end and that anything on God’s green earth is worth the lives that they’re taking?  I write this letter because one can only …

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