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Reviews of my Favorite Documentaries from the Full Frame Film Festival

Full Frame Film Festival is a wonderful opportunity to view films that have yet to be released to the world in full and to meet the directors and sometimes actors of the films. I saw so many films at the festival that I loved and met so many directors that were eager to talk to me about their films. They were also friendly and willing to offer advice about their journey into filmmaking and how they navigate in the industry. I learned so much and gained many new contacts while at the festival. During conversation with a few fellows from other schools and attendees to the festival, we talked about the importance of perspective when it comes to telling stories through film. Who should tell what story and what effect it has on the audience like how it may shape their thoughts on the film’s subject matter when a group or individual tells a story about a group he/she is not a part of and does not have a true, personal perspective of. Below I will share info about three films I enjoyed and s…

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