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My very First Cruise: See Cozumel Mexico through my Camera Lens!

Recap of this series of blog posts:

Upon graduating from American University with my MFA in Film and Electronic Media in May 2018, I had been anticipating what I would be doing to celebrate. My boyfriend had been planning a trip for months that I had no knowledge of until the lunch after graduation. We were going on a seven-day cruise in June and it was the first time either of us would be going on a cruise. The ship would leave NOLA and travel to Belize, Mexico and Honduras, three places I have never been and only one of which I ever thought of traveling to. I WAS SO SHOCKED AND EXCITED!

The cruise was full of fun and full of surprises on and off the Carnival Dream ship. I also just thoroughly enjoyed relaxing and not using my phone at all. This post and a few that follow, will document my time at each place with photos and some commentary. The second share will be COZUMEL MEXICO! On this trip we did a boat submarine ocean floor tour, visited a Mayan Cocao Chocolate Factory, and lear…

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