I just want to...

I am a freshmen in college. I double major in Mass Communications and History. People commonly ask me, "What do you want to do?" I usually go into how I would like to begin my career as a journalist, travel the world, and help people. I always end the conversation with "I just want to write." As for the history portion I always say one cannot go far in their future if they do not understand their past and where they have came from ! 

I want to travel to other countries and experience different cultures. I want to help get the real tragedies that are overlooked on the front pages of newspapers and magazines. I have a special love for photography and I want to incorporate that into my career. So every where  I go I capture pictures of things that seem significant or that catch my eye. I want to share some of those with the world so I will through this blog.

 Last but not least, I want to write a story in one place about a person that can transfer thousands of miles from where it originated and help someone else. Helping people is the ultimate goal. Sometimes when I tell people all I want to do they look at me as if it is -THE IMPOSSIBLE ! To me nothing is completely impossible. I believe every person should go after their dreams no matter how unattainable they may seem. 

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