Live,Learn, and Teach

People often get so caught up in life that they let great opportunities pass by right before their eyes. They are placed in positions that they know as their "job" but they only do strictly what they are told to do, if that. For example, say you are a professor at a college, you have multiple degrees, and your "job" is to teach young adults on any given topic. Instead of giving examples that can relate to everyday life, you strictly just stick to the books that you were given to aid you in teaching them. student asks you to try and explain the information differently so that they can get a better understanding of the topic. But instead, you get angry and refuse to do so, you belittle them and make them feel as if they are complete idiots if they do not understand it your way.

The only issue with this type of teaching/learning environment is that you, the professor is not actually doing your "job." Though your curriculum layout may not state "you are to actually help the students learn" you are supposed to. That type of response will hit the student negatively thus sending them into a defensive state which then leads them to shutting down completely. They are no longer listening to anything the professor has to say, good or bad.


The professor may walk away from the situation thinking they have won and that those "dumb students" are beneath him/her. But the question at hand is are they really?  They might not have understood the topic completely or have multiple degrees. But what they do indeed have is communication skills. The student was able to effectively communicate to the professor their lack of understanding. While the professor was not able to properly communicate in response to the student. Degrees are great, don't get me wrong but if you do not have every day skills to navigate through life and interact with others, all your degrees mean nothing. If you just fly off the handle in response to everything one may ask you then no one will want to ever approach you. They will assume that they are going to get a negative response so they will not bother talking to you or listening to you then your great degrees lose purpose. Use your degrees but also your common sense,communication skills, and pleasant emotions. If you lack any of those but especially communication skills, it will be apparent to people thus making life harder for you. Teaching a person might actually help you learn something new that was not included in your schooling for all those pieces of paper in frames that hang proudly on your walls. So if ever you are afforded the opportunity to help someone learn something new do not look at it as an annoyance or burden, take advantage of it .


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