Protecting Her (poem)

So there is this woman and without her there would be no me.
She means the world to me and is a vital part of the world.
She is so sensitive and caring and would not hurt a fly.
She is a big part of me and she cannot die.
Not in a literal form or at all.
Not at the hand of an idiot that's mad at the world.
The thoughts of her demise haunt me in my dreams.
Sometimes I wish I could just sleep, no dreams.
The dreams I have are never good.
But I am convinced they must hold significance.
I'm no psychic but they have become a reality.
Not completely but a little is enough for me.
Back to this woman I cannot lose.
She is my irritation, my laugh, my smile, and bad moods.
A piece of me and my heart.
She is so smart and I wish she'd just...
Start a new life, a fresh start.
She is older but not too old.
She is everything to me.
The finest of the finest gold.
I am her child so she is supposed to protect me.
She has and I'm thankful for it completely.
But now I feel I need to protect her.
But from what is bigger than me.
I cannot stop this tortured monster with no soul.
Only God can handle him.
I wish he would soon.
Because I have to protect her...
But I don't have the power to.
       -Destiny O.

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