Communication is key !

In all types of relationships people fail to communicate. Instead of people saying how they honestly feel or asking the next person how they feel they assume they know. They assume the feelings the next person is feeling are those they have created inside their head based upon assumption. People who are blunt and say exactly how they feel are often frowned upon. But in my eyes those people are the better ones in most cases because you never have to wonder or guess how they are feeling. They lay it all out on the table for one to soak up. People frown upon those people because they simply tell the truth and hold nothing back. In this world some people would rather have a person lie to them to make them or their situation seem better. I hate any situation with a lack of communication. Most intimate relationships fail because a lack of communication as well and a lot of time is wasted. As one of my grade teachers used to say, "When you assume you make an ass of yourself." No one wants to be an ass so just learn to communicate.

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