Don't Let The Past Ruin A Potentially Great Future

So ladies, yes it is true that there are a lot of men out there that have a woman's best interest at heart. We often believe they are hard to find. But is that really always the case? I mean really think about all the men that have ever been in your life and things did not work out with them. Were they completely just the wrong person for you or were you in search of perfection? Did they try and love you with all they had and you pushed them away? Well maybe these things did occur but why? One must or should ask themselves why none of their relationships are working. Could it be the man or ladies, is it you? Have you ever sat down and evaluated yourself, looking at your possible flaws and mistakes? I believe in order to have a great future with a person you must, Must, MUST, let go of past situations with former lovers completely.

I am guilty of bringing my previous thoughts of guys into new friendships and relationships. Previous thoughts meaning if it did not work out with the last guy because of whatever reason I'll unknowingly assume the same thing will happen with the new guy. Just because a guy in the past complimented you but did not really care about you because he was cheating does not mean the current guy is cheating just because he compliments you endlessly. Guess what? He could really mean it ! He could have a genuine interest in you and your beauty and you should let him embrace that. Now am I saying every man that charms his way into your life is genuine and the right guy, NO ! If I said that I would sound like a fool. What I am simply saying is, do not let your past hurts ruin a potentially great future with a new person. Also do not assume when it did not work out with a guy that it was all his fault. Take a step back and look in the mirror and honestly look at what YOU could've been done differently.

Lastly, know there are genuine men out here in the world that can completely love you and care for you and cater to your every need. But it will have to be mutual, what you want done to and for you, you will have to do for him as well. Also know that if you do not let your past go it will ruin things in your future. You could have the right guy for you all along but you were to busy letting previous hurts dictate your current thoughts about men in general that you pushed him away. He tried to love you and care about you the best way he knew how but you were too damaged and to used to bad situations that you did not take notice of the new genuine one right before your eyes. Pay attention to your future and let the past go.

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