Feelings (poem)

Feelings are things that are inevitable
But it's something about them that I'd rather ignore 
You're taught everything but are you taught to feel 
You feel falsely and you assume the feelings 
You assume the feelings are real 
You assume they're real about a person 
About a place or a thing 
But honestly you usually don't know anything 
There's all these feelings everywhere and all about
People ask how do you do you feel 
Where do you feel 
When do you feel 
And what about 
Sadly I hate feeling feelings unwanted 
So sometimes I want to turn cold 
Just shut my feelings out from the world 
But then I'm faced with the realization of 
I'm still doing what I don't want to think of 
I'm feeling a feeling that I don't want to feel
But feelings are inevitable fake or real 
So I must face my feelings head on 
I can try and ignore them 
But feelings are just too strong 
They overpower animals and man 
Feelings are feelings I just don't understand 

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