This matter I have never witnessed first-hand but I have read and watched everything I have ever come across concerning the matter. The first I ever heard of it was years ago while visiting the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC with my grandmother. I got a book on it then and that was the first book I ever read about genocide. The book was about genocide in Darfur, Africa. As a kid I was astonished to know that people were being killed just because of their race or ethnic group. It was like another holocaust happening all over again. But why? I was troubled with the thoughts of why we, as the United States weren't stepping in to help stop these mass killings! That I still do not have the answer to. I learned through readings and documentaries that the government in Sudan was actually assisting the men in the attacks on villages in Darfur. Whole villages were burned, thousands of people were killed by a group known as the Janjaweed which translates to "devils on horseback." Imagine living in constant fear wondering if your village or home was going the next to be destroyed. Imagine wondering if your family, friends, and neighbors would be the next ones murdered pointlessly. The people of Darfur do not have to imagine what the devil may be like because they have personal first-hand experience with devils everyday. There is nothing I can directly do but help the people by spreading what has occurred in the past and what is sadly still happening now. It is so easy for people in America to ignore atrocities that do not hit home directly but for that reason alone I cannot ignore anything. I always think, "what if that was my family?", "what if that was my home?" Those are the questions one must ask to attempt and make some understanding of the things that go on in this world. Rwandan genocide was just not enough to get people to pay attention. Innocent lives are lost everyday in Darfur, men, women, and children. Children as young as a few months old are shot in the face and ran over without any care in this world. If you feel like you cannot do anything directly, one thing you can do is educate yourself on the tragedies. The more people that know, the more the information can be spread, and the more lives that could possibly be saved. The world is aware and we still have done nothing, separate yourself and educate yourself.

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