A New Adventure : London & Paris <3

So I've been granted the wonderful opportunity to visit London & Paris for 8 days. I am leaving next Tuesday and the anticipation is killing me. I was asked to go in high school  during my senior year last year. The trip was going to be expensive and I knew I was about to start college so my initial answer was no. My English AP teacher asked me and I went home and told my mom about it but I was just thinking no, this will be all too expensive. My mom has never let my siblings and I go without anything. She has always taken care of us to the best of her ability and though I was saying, "no I don't have or want to go," she insisted. She felt that I had been asked to go for a reason and though she knew I'd travel the world one day, this was an opportunity I did not want to give up. So we made monthly payments up until now and the trip is paid for and I leave next Tuesday. The time leading up to this trip seemed to fly by. I am so thankful to have an open-minded and optimistic mother that knew how amazing of an opportunity this was and did not let it pass by right before my eyes. I am extra excited because it is my first time out of the country but most definitely not my last. 
Pictures coming soon :) 
Until then wish me fun, luck, and amazing sight-sees. 

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