Relationship "Phases"

The honeymoon phase of relationships are always great. You meet a new person, they're completely infatuated with you and you with them. They want to know everything about you and your experiences and what you're into. They care about what you think of them and how you feel. They try to do any and everything to make you happy and see you smile. They want to get into your heart but once they're in things slowly but surely change. The honeymoon phase is over and now things get serious.
The change/compromise stage now begins.  People who were really into you in the beginning have to find new ways to keep your attention and still make you feel they're as into you as they were on initial contact. The people who thought they were into you but now realize compromise and change may have to come into play coward out and run away. Or they start to pay less attention, they wait for you to text/call them, and they are no longer excited by you. The relationship almost becomes a routine and just something to do. It is a sad pathetic thing to witness and even more sad to experience personally. I just wonder why it happens this way. Why go seeking out a person to get into they're life and heart if you have no intentions of staying and sincerely loving the person? No relationship is perfect and if it is perfect it is not real. But I feel if people trust you enough to let them in they should try to the best of their abilities to make things work if they honestly care. If they do not care and were looking for quick fixes in their life they should be mature enough to be honest and move on before causing more destruction in someone else's life. That leads me to the stage of failure and destruction. If the person doesn't leave your life there is so much room for unhappiness and destruction. They are most likely lying to you at this point and completely annoyed by everything involving you. They no longer want to be involved but do not know how to cut things off so now you're on the way to being hurt and they do not care. We have all been through that stage and would probably rather not recall it but it did make you stronger. Now I will visit the alternative last phase which is the winning/ surviving stage. 
If you are infatuated by a person for the right reasons your relationship will have rough spots but at the end of the day you will make it through them because you care. You will still seek to make your companion happy and you will still want to learn everything there is possible to learn about them. The love will survive and you and your companion will be winning each other's presence and love.Things will get more serious and problems will arise but the those things are only put into place as test and will make a relationship between people stronger. But always remember no relationship will work for long without compromise and don't grow stale in your love, attention, and care with your companion. They will notice and things could either go really well after you guys face it or really awful. 

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