Someone's Always Watching

I learned early on in life that you should always conduct yourself in a proper manner because you never know who is watching. The "who" I speak of could be anyone. They could be your next boss, a professor, a leader of an organization you want to be a part of, or simply a person you may need help from one day so you must pay close attention.This goes for public interactions and all interactions that occur on social networks. You must play close attention to what you say, what you do, how you present yourself physically and literally. Are you extremely nice or too blunt? Do you look like you rolled straight out the bed and simply walked out the door to start your day ? When you open your mouth to speak are the words useful or meaningless ? Either way someone's first impression of you will always be the thought that sticks out most in their mind when they think of you. You could have cleaned up your act ad changed for the better but their description of you will always begin like, " When I first met Beth she was rude and she rubbed me the wrong way but now she's ..."
If someone had to recommend you for something but their description of you started off that way people probably wouldn't want to have much, if anything to do with you. I speak from personal experience, you must pay attention to your actions because every action comes with a consequence, good or bad. When a person sees you or hears your name does a frown come across their face or a smile? With that being said, DO BETTER PEOPLE BECAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW WHO'S WATCHING PERIOD BUT ESPECIALLY WATCHING & WAITING FOR YOU TO RUIN YOURSELF.  

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