What are they? (poem)

What exactly are relationships ?
 I'd say a bond between two people that care for each other.
But this is not always the case.
 It seems it is never that simple. 
Relationships come with a package of other things. 
It's sad to say but there always seems to be a catch. 
You initially start off in a friend relationship and it moves on to more but to me, all too fast. 
Sex,lies, and needs come inside the relationship package.
We think "Oh my, this is love"
Sex? This is love 
It's all so deep but I think not really sit down, take a seat.
Is it that deep or is the love as shallow as the person rushing things?
Why is there a rush don't they care ? 
They must,  but you know that's not always true . 
I like the thought of taking things slow and learning the other person very well. "No need to rush" are things that are said but do we really believe that stuff? We start off slow or so we believe and the next thing you know it's a rush. 
A rush to an end and then we have to begin again in another relationship, why? It's almost like we must. 
We say "I can be alone and do without" and that may be true but I say not for long. 
We end up in a vulnerable state and in the wrong place and then the relationship goes wrong. 
We say " I care about you and have your best interest at heart" but is that always the case? 
Because for a very long time I've fell deep into these lines and then I end up on my face.
 I end up down on the ground with my smile upside down and my heart aching with pain. 
So I ask again does a relationship consist of true friends or are we all just a bunch of lost souls? 
We are searching for love but we go all too fast. 
We run marathons and end up very last instead of just taking things slow.
 So for relationships at their best I'd say they walk and take rests in the race and it stretches things out much longer. 
You know your friend and then it can become more and not have to end. 
Or am I just dreaming too much? 
These things I'll probably never know but I do know I may find out.
I will grow older and wiser and things will change.
I will never have to question of relationships ever again. 
I feel l will just know.

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