Common Questions Answered...But Unanswered...Late Night Thoughts turned into a poem...


 I love you 
Do you love me ?
I care about you 
Do you care about me 
I am honest with you 
Are you honest with me ? 
I will never leave your side 
You will always be here with me? 
You genuinely make me happy 
Do I make you happy? 
I love you 
Are you sure you love me? 
You mean the world to me
Do I mean anything to you?
I just want to make you happy
Why do you even talk to me? 
I love you & only you
There's no one else peaking your interest? 
I promise I will never hurt you 
Why did you hurt me? promised! 
The same song is sung 
So how can you constantly keep trusting people 
They feed you the same lines 
But claim to be different the whole time 
They turn out like the ones from your past  
I can't stand it anymore...
I feel...because I'm human 
 It hurts all too much
 & it all seems not of worth
To be loved seems so hard 
To be loved... 
That statement seems so false 
To be loved...
It's what everyone wants 
But to be loved...
I don't want if it isn't true 
I thought to be familiar with the term
But I think I may be wrong 
Instead I will just sit back 
I will wait for it to come 
Not the cheap imitated kind 
How will I know the difference 
The real thing from the fraud
Hopefully it comes 
But this time in true, raw, & rare form
Then I won't have to question or guess

These questions and statements are all too common in my life & probably in yours too. 
Every question has an answer but it still seems that something else should be said... I don't know what or why...maybe for extra clarity...even though it can't get anymore clear than that...I don't guess....

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