'Fruitvale Station': Oscar Grant and Trayvon Martin; Understanding the world....OUR WORLD.

Gosh.....Where do I begin?...

Today I viewed the movie 'Fruitvale Station' and it just made me further realize how messed up this world is that we live...OUR WORLD....America... The land of the "free" and the home of the "brave"

The movie is based on a true story about Oscar Grant of the Bay Area. He was a son, a father, a boyfriend, and most importantly a human being. It was new years and as most people do, he decided to go out with his friends and his girlfriend. He had a daughter with the her and they left her behind with her aunt and cousins. He was portrayed as a great father, loving son, and an average boyfriend. He gave his girlfriend reasons not to trust him but most boyfriends do. It seemed to be a normal day for oscar and his small family. They all got up, his daughter ate breakfast, and off they went. He dropped his daughter off in preschool and then his girlfriend off at work. He called his mom and spoke with her about picking up food for the dinner they were having that night, it was her birthday. He went to a grocery store he used to hold a job at to get the food. One of his friends stilled worked there so he went up to him and as he was talking to him about the food a nice white lady walks up. Oscar motions for his friend to go help her and he does. She was having a hard time deciding what fish to get for a fish fry so Oscar decided to call his grandma on the phone to give the lady the scoop on what and how to cook everything for her fish fry. In the meantime his old boss was nearby stocking shelves. He went to talk to him in hopes of getting his job back but unfortunately the spot had been filled. Oscar had gotten fired 2 weeks ago but no one had any idea because he lied about it up to that day and did not complain. He had dealt his hand in the drug world and was tired and done with it. He wanted a real and legal job to support and take care of his family. His boss denied him his job back and told him to take care. With that he went back to the counter and got his phone from the grateful lady and got the food for his mom's birthday dinner. He left, picked up his girlfriend, then daughter and not before long they were off to his mom's. They had dinner and as he helped his mom wash dishes she asked of his plans for the night. He was going to the city with his girlfriend and some friends of theirs. Like any mom she worried about her son so she suggested he ride the "BART" (Train system) to the city. She suggested he ride the train so that if he drank he wouldn't have to drive back under the influence of alcohol. Oscar took his mom's advice having no idea his life would end soon after. 

On the way back from the city Oscar calmly held his seemingly sleepy girlfriend while standing amongst many others on the crowded train. A seat became free and he told her to sit down, she did, and he then decided he'd go find a seat too. He let his friends know and politely moved through the crowd of people to find a seat. As he was walking he heard a woman call his name, he turned around to see a woman he had met earlier that day in the grocery store. His girlfriend by then had also heard the woman so she stood up on the seat to see who was calling him. He told the woman happy new year and turned back around to continue looking for his seat. Unfortunately his girlfriend was not the only one who heard his name called. An old enemy from prison turned around acknowledging him as "the Oscar..." that he had beef with. The enemy and his men started jumping Oscar. Oscar had been recently released from  prison from drug charges. His girlfriend saw it all happening and he yelled to her to get his male friends which he was now far from. They got to him though and a brawl between all the men occurred. The subway trained stopped and Oscar, his girl, and friends all got off at Fruitvale Station. 

Then they saw "BART police officers" walking towards them. They decided to split up. Oscar got back on the train and tried to hide in between the crowd of people. His friends stayed off and began walking away. They were stopped and told to sit on the wall, upset they argued with the cops, telling them they had done nothing wrong. His girlfriend escaped down an escalator.  In the meantime Oscar was on the train still. The cops screamed from outside for anyone that was on the front of the train where the brawl occurred to get off NOW. He went to look in the train pulling Oscar out by his neck and then pushing him to the wall where his friends sat angrily. They all just wanted to get home and now the cops were holding them but not arresting them for anything. Every single time any of the men tried explaining that a cop would violently tell them to shut up and lash out at them. The cops continuously slammed the men around for no reason calling them out their names. Oscar's girlfriend called and he explained the police had him and his friends and he would call her back. While all this was happening witnesses in the subway train had taken out their phone to record the pointless police brutality. 

Oscar attempted to calm his friends down and then went to stand up and try to tell the police calmly that they were not trying to get arrested and that they were just trying to get home. He was stuck by one white male cop and wrestled down to the ground by another. As he lie face down people hanging out the train told the cops they were doing things that was unnecessary. The main white cop that had been giving Oscar a hard time the whole while, was now mushing his head into the pavement. At the same time another was on his back saying turn over. Oscar could not turn over if he wanted to...the cop on his back reach into his belt pulled out his gun and blatantly fired a shot into Oscar's back.  People watched in disbelief and were still recording everything on their phones. 

The officer who had mushed his face into the ground while he was lying facedown got up and told the other officers to take Oscar's highly outraged friends away from the scene. He then pushed everyone that was recording and hanging out the stopped train back into the doors and of those people was the lady Oscar had met earlier that day in the store. In the meantime Oscar was bleeding out on the sidewalk...he could only say "he shot me, I have a daughter." His girlfriend heard the shot downstairs and couldn't get to him because the police had the scene blocked off. Then an ambulance pulled up and they pulled out a bed. His girl was upset and wanted to know who the stretcher was for. Officers brought his friends down in handcuffs and they screamed to her that the police shot oscar for no reason at all. The paramedics got Oscar and he was still breathing but as they rode him past his girlfriend he was not responding and his eyes were closed. She called his mom and they rushed to the hospital. He was in surgery and his other friends came to the hospital not long after. They all waited in the ICU and they got a small update which was that Oscar was stabilized but in critical condition because they had to remove one of his lungs. They told his mom they would do everything they could to try and save him...

Oscar died in that hospital as his family and friends patiently waited and prayed for his recovery on New Years Day of 2009.
The officer that shot him told the court he thought he has pulled his taser out and not his gun. He was charged a two year sentence that he did not even fully serve..(Read more...http://oaklandnorth.net/2011/06/13/johannes-mehserle-released-from-jail/) Even despite the many videos from various angles of his murder...his murderer was barely charged.

Johannes Mehserle: Cop that shot Oscar

To hear things like this in the news is one thing but to actually see it play out before your eyes is another.... GO SEE THE MOVIE BUT IF YOU CANNOT....JUST WATCH THESE...

Actual phone videos of the murder:


It's not JUST A MOVIE...it's just another meaningful life wasted and taken pointlessly.
Trayvon Martin as we all know was killed as well and his murderer got away with it. No charges at all and Trayvon was blamed for his own death as Oscar was for his. Oscar to outsiders were just a "menace to society" that deserved to die since he had been arrested for drug charges. Trayvon was just minding his business but when he tried to defend himself it became a problem and he then too "deserved to die." If you research these cases amongst many others you would be surprised to see what people say in defense of the people that committed these crimes. Everyone always says automatically that these things are not racial. Often times they say that only black people make them racial. But see that is the thing... when you are black and you know and witness how the system fails our people over and over and over again you could possibly understand our outrage. You could possibly understand our fears and worries. It is scary for us to even bring black males into the world and expect to actually live in peace and die before our children. It is scary for us to watch them grow up and walk out the house into the world not knowing who and what they will come across and be faced with. We cannot call the police on the police ! Why do I care so much? Just because they are black? No not at all, I care because they were human. They did not deserve to die. They could of been my brother or even yours. One cannot truly understand the world we live in or the perspectives we have if never experiencing any of these things first hand. 

 Some argue that we are all afforded the same opportunities and it is our choice on whether or not we take them. But in all reality we are not all afforded the same opportunities at all. People rejoice in the fact that slavery is over and we have a black president and oh everything is so "changed!" Oh how we have "progressed" and made a difference in our world ! But that is not the reality of things AT ALL. The time has changed, years have passed, we now live a different time of life, but we are all still in some form of slavery. It is like no matter what when you are minority in a society you automatically have it harder than most. WHY? It is sadly just the way society operates. The judicial system was not set up for us to have justice. As society was not set up for us to be a flourishing part of. We have to fight our way through life in every situation it seems. Everything is a race and we can never even make it to the finish line good before some one with the upper hand has come along and erased it from right up under us. While people are focused on bringing us down we are only made stronger. HOW? We have to struggle on a regular basis so when we make it to a goal we know what it genuinely feels like to win because everything wasn't handed to us on a golden platter or fed to us with a silver spoon. We can automatically work more sufficiently under pressure and stressful situations because that is our every day life circumstance in this world. 

I am not racist and I do not believe everyone in the world is... but in these cases and so many others race plays a part. Do not limit your mind to your everyday circumstances and become unaware of the real world you are living in. If I did that I would have no idea about any of this and would be one of those random people out there saying "it's not racial, they deserved it." I grew up around a mixed atmosphere in school and have friends of every race. No I never lived in the "ghetto" but that does not mean there has never been a struggle in my life. My mom worked her butt off from day one after she brought my 3 sisters and brother into the world. We never wanted for anything because she never wanted us to have to. She as well as my grandmothers instilled in us that you have to work for the life you want and nothing is handed to you..ever! Don't be shadowed from reality and truly believe America is the "land of the free and home of the brave." Free to who? Brave enough for what? We are the only place that kill people who kill people because killing people is wrong (Death penalty)...Now does that sound "fair" to you?  Become aware and REMAIN AWARE of the world we live in. Watch the news or download a news app for your phone ! 


R.I.P to Oscar Grant, Trayvon Martin, and the other countless black males murdered for no reason at all. 

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