In A Vulnerable Place? Be Careful

My advice to anyone that is in a vulnerable place in their life is to take some time away from people and enjoy yourself. Get comfortable with yourself and make a journal of your problems. It is better you write it down for your eyes only than to go blabbering it to a person who may only be in your life for a moment. People are able to detect when one is in a vulnerable state so they play on it. No particular gender does this, all do it. They see you at a weak place and your life and sadly see an opportunity to attack. The attack doesn't seem very harmful at first though so you probably won't even realize it until it's a little too late. But watch out for those people that just seem to be there a little bit too much for you all of a sudden. They are always there and then you find yourself opening up to them. You start releasing all your thoughts and feelings to them which then gives them the upper hand and an amount of power in your life. You were just venting and they were just silently attacking. They consoled you right? Listened and held on to your every word? Told you things to make you feel better for the moment? Then somehow felt as if their advice earned them a special place in your life? You being in a vulnerable place, is swept off your feet. Why? This person seems so sincere and nice to you. But were they really or was your last situation so bad that anything else seems overly amazing, right and sincere ? You let those type of people into your life and they use you for what they need/want. They tell you what you want to hear and leave you to think about it and replay it in your mind while they're off attacking some other vulnerable person. They come back to you only when you have something they need or want so I say be careful. I'm not by any means saying everyone is out to get you and you should suspect anyone to be. I'm just saying pay attention to the signs and save yourself double or even triple heartbreaks. ✌

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