Just Wait On It

In life you may find yourself holding onto a person you want in your life so badly.
Thing is you don't need them in your life.
They aren't a plus, just a negative.
The feelings you have are so strong that you find it impossible to move on.
Well as you sit and wait for what could be, should be, and what you want it to be...
You future will be passing right before your eyes.
You can love and care for someone, that is normal.
But do not forget to love and care for yourself.
Even when you feel it's too tough, just move on. 
If it feels wrong it is wrong.
You can't spend your life holding onto what could be. 
You have to move on with life and that person you're looking for...
The special puzzle piece to complete the picture...
It'll fall right into your lap, at the perfect time..
In the perfect place....
Just wait on it.

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