Too Emotional (poem)

You've been told you were just that 
By someone you care about so much 
Your thoughts & feelings just seem to be too much 
Emotions you hardly ever show but you showed them to him
What in the world were you thinking..
You were being a vulnerable fool 
Emotional, yeah..
People speak of it as if it's something one shouldn't be 
As if one should walk around cold & hard, not feeling a thing 
People seek you out and creep inside your heart & sometimes soul 
They tell you all the good things & everything seems as good as gold 
Time goes on & things seem to change 
You start not to mean much of anything 
Too bad it's been so long 
Your feelings grew so strong 
But they don't matter anymore 
Anything that comes out your mouth from your head or your heart gets the exact same response 
You're just too emotional...

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