I decided to take this course because it was a requirement for my major. I decided to take it with Brett Chambers as the professor after an upperclassmen expressed to me how "out of the box" he taught. I am the creative, random, out of no where, and adventurous type of person so to get that at a regular college university I was somewhat excited. I wanted to attend the Art Institute in Washington DC for film not be at a regular college but apparently that was not in the already planned path. I also met Mr.Chambers last semester when I was required to interview someone for another course. I saved the interview in my phone and sometimes listened to it after that when I needed inspiration. I am sure he had no idea that his failures and triumphs would inspire anyone BUT they did. He also advised me that day to start a blog and not just talk about what I wanted to do in life, to actually start doing it ! So thanks to Mr. Chambers and I am glad I decided to take this course with him as the professor because though it can get hard to interpret him and his methods, he gives a real life approach to everything and that is needed when you are preparing to step out into the real world.

P.S. WARNING:: If ever you are thinking about taking him know he does teach extremely outside of the box and if you're used to "to the book" and "robotic teaching" his class may not be for you!  

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