Geoffrey A. Cooper visited my Mass Media and Society class via Skype

Former NCCU student Geoffrey Cooper visited class via Skype. What I liked the most about him was he was from Rocky Mount and so am I. He was extremely informative about his path after leaving NCCU and all the things he faced on the way to where he is now. He even gave us sites to visit in search of internships. He was the editor of the Campus Echo and worked an internship in our hometown for our newspaper the Rocky Mount Telegram. I know it sounds crazy but I would've never thought about writing for our paper. He then gave us his personal phone and email and said we could contact him anytime because he considered us family. I thought that was extremely nice considering he is in school and works. No one has to reach back and lend a hand to people that were once in their same position but he's deciding to and it'll help us tremendously. He is not the first person that visited from Rocky Mount and as small as our town is, it is good to see successful individuals visit and tell of their triumphs after leaving home.

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