Jerome Brown

Jerome Brown, a former NCCU student visited our class. He now works for the VH1 hit series Single Ladies as an accountant. He spoke about how working as an accountant was not his plan but it was a foot in the door. He said we should be willing to take a job anywhere. People in class asked about whether or not he saw the actors and actresses of the show and he said he did but that they were regular people just like us. Acting was their jobs and not their personalities. He also stated that one of the best ways to network was to go to clubs. His visit was extremely eye-opening to the fact that even though you may go to college and receive a specific degree in a field, it does not mean that you will get a job in that field. So he encouraged us to take what you can get and do what ever you can to stand out from the people around you so that you will be known as a reliable person.

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