Reflection of my Mass Media and Society course

This semester has been extremely interesting inside my Mass Media and Society course. I am so very glad that is nearing its end. There are a number of reasons to take and not take this course.

Benefits of taking course:

  • Not the traditional structured class setting 
  • Informative about real world
  • Connections to people who are already in the field doing what you want to do
  • Different perspectives from different types of people in he industry (visitors)
  • Presented job and internship opportunites
  • Viewing and witnessing successful alumni in your major
  • Real-life responses to questions instead of the sugar-coated baby answers
  • No in depth explanation of the text book and its language

It is beneficial to take this course with Mr.Chambers because it is like an open-discussion class. We could talk and debate about almost anything in class. We got to see that successful people do come out of our school. He taught us how to network with people and get jobs and internships. Honestly traditionally structured classes are fine but it is better when you can see and talk to the types of people you read about in textbooks. Then once you have seen and talked to them they offer you help even though you are complete strangers to them. Mr.Chambers' goal was to help us but I believe his ultimate goal was to teach us how to help ourselves. He just wanted us to realize if you did not actually go out and do the things you want to do and talked about dong then they just remain thoughts in your head that mean nothing to anyone but yourself. To sum it up I would say he wanted us to understand that you are your biggest opponent! 

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