Slipping (poem)

 She felt herself 
Into someone else
Not for the better
Trying to please someone else
She felt herself slipping

Doing things I'd never do
Trying to make you stay around
Make you pay attention
Do you see me
She felt herself slipping 

Compromising how I feel
Don't wanna change you
Seems they have nothing in common
Things she values he pushes away
She felt herself slipping

Lowering my standards
Taking aspects out my dreams
Molding them into foreign things
If he doesn't like it
She takes it out my mind
She felt herself slipping

Why change myself
Why waste time
Why stay
He wants to be in this
That's not what they say
She felt herself slipping

Changing day by day
Her feelings are growing old
Starting to collect dust
She's holding them in a dark place
They don't matter much
She's slipping into something else
Unhappy her
She felt herself slipping

This she is not she 
She can't change herself for someone else
She's always cared too much
She doesn't need this
It's stress
She felt herself slipping

Someone pull her back up
Hey she's slipping
Don't you see
Help her up
She felt herself slipping
You don't see her or care
She felt herself slipping

She has a grip now
She's getting up
She doesn't need your help
She was slipping
Did you see her 
She pulled herself up

Yeah she was
But guess what
She is who she is 
She will forever be herself 

Take her as she is 
Walk away
It doesn't matter much
At the end of the day
What's meant for her will be

Trust and see 
Her plan on this earth
It's already all mapped out
She will end up where she needs to be 

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