The Black Power Mixtape documentary film

This film was shown in my Mass Media and Society course. I believe it was one of the best things we've done all year. It was important to show this documentary film to what is mostly young black individuals who probably did not have prior knowledge of the Civil Rights Movements, Black Panther Party, or the dominant black intellectuals that lead our race and faught for the luxuries we take for granted today. Though I had prior knowledge of it all, even I enjoyed viewing it and the in class debate afterwards. It was also pretty cool to here D.G. Kelley speaking as one of the narrators because I met him just a few months ago at the ASALAH Conference.The main concept that came to my mind the whole film is that you cannot call the police on the police. Blacks in the 1960s and 70s were armed to protect themselves from a world that would do anything to get them out of it. From conspiracies to drug epedimics, there was a group of people with one goal, oppress the blacks until they have no power or energy to stand up for themselves. No more movements, protests, or leaders, white or black that could represent and stand up for the black community. People of my generation do not realize knowledge is power. Being educated can get you way further than a weapon. Reading books outside those assigned in college courses just because, is  building your knowledge and in turn building your power level. Every person comes from a different background but if you open up your mind to a world that you're not used to and the things you've never experienced your whole perspective will change. Speaking from experience, I was born in 1993 but you better believe I know everything that there is to know about what was happening in the world leading up to my birth and after. I love elderly people and have always saught them out to chat with about their experiences in the world and what I should know to better myself in it. Just sitting down and listening to the experiences of any elderly person can open your eyes to so many things, In the film Erykah Badu made the point of us as a people documenting our history instead of others doing so. I fully agree with her. There is history all around us and we must stop to record and document it, telling the story as accurately as we know how so that those of the future can understand the past which is our present, and then be able to live a more productive future. 

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