'Tis The Season (poem)

Tis the season of cuffing I hear 
Cuffing meaning an open market 
Oh dear 
Yeah it's that time of the year 
They wanna a significant other to cuddle with 
The cold weather making single matter a bit 
The market is open and they wanna be chosen 
Is it forever or just for the season?
Don't be cheap and used for a few months 
To Cuddle with 
To Lay with 
To Sleep with 
Is it a must? 
You're not a holiday 
Or a gift of cheer 
You're a tangible 
You'll be with replaced in the new year 
Tis the season to be jolly 
Not the season to be an idiot honey 
So be chosen by the right one 
At the right time and place 
Not by a loner in the coldest season 
Because it's a disgrace 
Tis the season to love yourself 
Embrace the universe and wisdom 
Find yourself 
It may get cold 
No worries bundle up 
And save yourself from a season of hurt

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