Your Future, is it? (Poem)

You're fighting for it 
Working towards it 
Struggling to see it 
Can't feel it 
Don't know it 
Trying to make it 
Feeling for it 
Thinking you're creating it 
Placing people in it 
Taking people out of it 
You're in control of it 
Or so you think of it 
Your fate, is it 
Your destiny, is it
Your future, it may be it 
You're not controlling it 
It is in your hands, is it 
You can hold it 
Work towards it 
Plan for it 
But sadly
You still won't know it 
Your future it is 
Your destiny it is 
Try to create it, you can 
But it is already a part of a previous plan 
It was already created and planned out 
Just for you 
You can put in hard work, do 
But know everything happens in order
So just go with the flow 
Stick with what you know 
Your future
It is already created
Planned out 
With and without
People you want and don't 
Hold it in your hands 
But stick with his plan
Your life will live itself out

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