In hands so cold...(poem)

So close to perfect for her  
You would be 
If only things were different 
Maybe if you could see 
She is independent 
Having you is a choice 
She wants to spend time with you 
Maybe she's in love 
She enjoys your presence
Or is it the thought of it 
Once you are there 
Things get hard a bit
You hurtfully tell jokes 
Toy with her feelings
She thinks y'all are one 
But finds you thinking separate
Are you here for fun 
Is there a scheme undone 
She loves you 
Let the cold go 
She's accepting you for you 
You to call her own 
Share her dreams with 
She wants to become someone major 
Do you even believe it 
Pleasing you is hard 
She tries anyway 
Honestly you're so cold 
You'd walk away any day 
Leaving her alone 
Love all of a sudden gone 
Trapped is her heart 
In hands so cold 

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