What do you when 
When you're raised in a struggle 
Known to too many 
A doormat mother 
No biological father 
A coward of a step 
A no-man 
He beats her with his hands 
His mouth slick with hurt 
See what do you do when 
A mother begins to separate her kids 
This one is better 
This one has this quality 
Mothering becomes handing you money 
I'm here for you sweetie 
So yeah that then means everything 
I'm here to hold this money 
To hand to you 
To hold over your head 
You can take care of me one day 
Buy me all the fancy things 
Give me money like I'm giving you 
Remember ? 
I'm here for you sweetie 
To point out your flaws 
I couldn't raise you in a good home 
Never realizing 
Those flaws are the the result of it all 
My abusive good man 
That great man with a job
He placed scars on your kids 
Scars that will never be undone
Mom can look at them and say 
You're flawed 
The things you say and do 
They're so wrong 
But where was Mom 
Where was she when no-man 
The coward guy 
Where was mom for mothering 
When he was placing his hands 
Parting his lips with his tongue slick 
You let him abuse your kids 
Never did you see his flaws 
His flaws were so prominent 
You pointed out his flaws a bit 
Mom stayed because 
She stayed because that's the best she could do 
Stayed for her kids 
Is this a joke 
For who ? 
See what do you do 
What the hell do you do when 
You can't figure yourself out 
You're one of those kids with the deep scars 
So stuck they won't come off 
Mom is here but only for money 
Separating everything 
Her kids 
Her no-man 
Herself from life 
What do you do when 
See you know everything is not alright
Mom and her scars damaged your life
Now all she can do is pick the scabs 
She continues to pick the man 
The abusive coward 
Who knew ? 
All the kids gone 
Mom is staying for who? 
What do you do when 
When you want scars gone 
But you return back home 
Home sweet home 
Home is still the same 
Not too sweet 
Separating yourself 
That's the decision it comes to be 
Bye-Bye to that part of life 
Wiping away the pain 
Bye-Bye to the house 
The house was never home 
More like a dungeon 
A dungeon where that coward devil roams 
Bye-Bye to doormat Mom 
You're on your own now 
Stand and be the one 
Be the one for you 
Live a better life right for yourself 
Attest after today 
Attest that this is it 
Here it all stops 
See what you have to do is 
You have to stand up 
Let go 
Victim who? 
Wipe away the temporary scars 
The scars are a part of you 
But see they are not you 
You have to be the real you 
Find your true peaceful self
Stop walking around like that 
Get up
You have to go live for yourself ! 

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