Stand up and be a queen 
Little girl, grown women 
What does it mean ? 
Flaunt your body 
Sew in hair for days 
Twerking your buttocks 
Giving your privates away 
Do you know who you are? 
What do you deserve 
It's not a horse's hair 
It's not a packed freak show 
Embrace your life 
Dig out your roots 
Discover all the Queens 
Teach your girls the truth 
Attention from a man 
It'll come in all forms 
But is she supposed to want some 
From the boy that only wants some 
Or the boy that longs to be a man But he didn't have a King at hand to look to 
Are your girls suppose to shake their asses off their bodies 
To gain the attention of the thirsty 
The thirsty dog of a male 
Is she supposed to blow it down 
And roll his weed instead 
Is that how she needs to attract her King 
What is this time coming to ?
Is this a dream 
You can't be a Queen under any circumstance 
If you're a woman too busy trying to be a man 
Be a Queen 
You're a woman
Know your worth and power 
A Queen will gain the attention of her King 
Without all the extra 
It's clouded 
No open body show
No rapunzel horse hair 
Your presence of intelligence 
It will demand the attention you need 
Your true crown 
It'll be placed up high 
A real King will enter 
You will be the Queen of his world 
What a beautiful creature 
And Teach her ! 

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