Man, why so many fatherless sons
Woman, why so many motherless daughters
We can only control the production of our youth
Once they're born, your responsibility
See that is you too
You bring youth into the world
The world they will one day take over
You enjoy the production
But run away from the product
You leave them behind lost and confused
Random questions to be answered
Oh your dad didn't want you
Your mom just left you
We can no longer keep this up
Production for fun
You can't just make them disappear
Once they're here, they're here
People say a blessing in disguise
But I sit back and watch
I see hurt children
With fight in their heart
Tears in their eyes
Lost in the streets
Looking for the love
The love they never received
Their mothers lost
Whether in work, drugs, prison, or the streets
Their father gone
Maybe to jobs, the hole, or death
Either way the product was produced
Then left behind
How can we throw out our youth
Who will be their guide
How will they function
What won't go wrong
How can we continue
Continue to produce the youth
With no remorse and truth
Leave them behind
Then expect them to form a good mind
The hope for the future so blurred
The fathers and mothers unheard of
The product left behind
In a world they could some day run
Or a world that they will become
Become another product of
Stuck in the system
Children in pan
Tears in their eyes
A fight in their hearts
No mothers or fathers
No guide from the very start
See we cannot continue this way
Bow your heads in prayer
Oh pray it away
Or open your eyes
See and speak the truth
Don't punish the kids
They never learned
To see it through
They act out for attention
They act out for love
They are only children
A product
That their producers left behind
You wanna help
Be their guide
Show them remorse
Share some truth
Give them love
The product:

-The impulse to write this came after viewing the video below. Kids should not go through this and end up in a constant fight with life. I was just that age a few years back and my childhood was nothing like that. I know some push these images away for that reason and say well "it's not my problem" but as long as you're above the ground and living in this world, you should do what you can, help, reach out, and love the youth like someone helped and loved you.

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