The Game Players (poem)

I'm a great person 
You should get to know me 
You won't regret it 
Look at me while I watch you 
Show me 
I am much better than your past 
I will brighten your future 
Hand me your heart 
Trust me
I won't hurt it
I'm extremely careful 
Let me touch it 
You're safe here 
I will stand by you 
Watch me while I guide you 
I have a light 
It's brighter than any light you've seen before 
It's one of the best 
It'll help you 
I can be your guiding light 
You have to believe me 

Look I got you something 
It's a mask 

I looked down 
Then back up 
I don't know who you are 
But you stand before me
Gift in hand 
You must know me
You must... 

It's me
The one you got to know
The best of the best 
I have the bright light 
Guiding your life 
Except not anymore 
I've taken off my mask 
I was tired of of playing 
Games are tiring 

But what game 
I'm so lost... 

The game it was fun 
I tricked you 
You let me hold your heart 
I ran off with it 
Bad intentions from the start 
I'm not that great 
Plus my lightbulb bursts 
It's also a game 
You must believe me 
You must...
By the way you're not safe here 
I can't be the light that guides your life 
I was only playing a game 
You fell for it 
Just the same 
The name of the game is Life 
In case you wanna play 
See ya again one day 
One more thing 
Next time I come your way 
Keep your heart in your hand 
Well after you pick the pieces of it from the sand 
Put it back together on your own 
It'll be hard 
Think with your head
Not your broken heart 
Stay far away from game players 
But Life will catch you 
Then play if you must 

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