Below you will find pictures of our first dancing and drumming lessons in Ghana. It was like 8:00 am but eventually we woke up and had a great time dancing and drumming. Enjoy :) !

Someone took this really great picture of me 

We are all learning the basic techniques of drumming 

Man people could not stay on beat or keep the set tempo, I was mad #musicianproblems

Enjoying the drumming 

Husband and Wife drumming away 

Demetrius getting  a lesson all up close and personal

Callista drumming away

Leslie stopping for a selfie 

Instructor teaching while Sidney and Antoinette look on

Just drumming 

Shaun is concentrating 

Clara looking on as Leslie and Demetrius drum away 

Shaun is enjoying himself

Everyone has the hang of it now I think 

Professor Woods getting a personal lesson

Dancing away 

Oh Clara !
This was made onto the side of the hotel. I loved it ! 

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