Below you will find pictures from our visit to Fantasy Caskets in Ghana. We were told that funerals in Ghana are like a celebration. People can be buried in their favorite objects that might possibly relate to their hobbies or occupations or just things that they were most interested in. The casket place was somewhat outdoor. It was like a building with no outer doors or back walling. The front had walkways to enter through and the whole back of the building reminded me of a construction shed except it had no walls. There are also random pictures of things that caught my eye around the outside of the cast shop and from the tro-tro (bus/van) window on the way there. 
Enjoy ! 

This is a Spider Casket 
I took this picture of a woman that I saw as our bus was on the way to the casket shop. This embodies the market woman image. She is selling fabric and that is what is bundled up on top of her head.

This was just a random puppy that was outside the casket shop

My fellow classmates 

Random chicken (there were always lots and lots of random chickens every where in Ghana)

Classmates making fish faces with the fish caskets 

Clara and her new fishy casket friend 

A random photo of a rusted scooter at the casket shop 

Some kittens taking a nap on a table 

Another random chicken 

Parts to a casket 

The area behind the casket shop 

A guy working hard in the shop and a book casket 

The area beside and kind of behind the shop where ladies appeared to be washing dishes 

A cute little baby I saw 

This is a freshly painted casket 

Look ! Another random chicken

Fish caskets 

Taxi lot and food stand on the road by the shop 

A video camera casket (this was my fav) 

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