Hotel View, My First Restaurant Visit and Ghanaian Money !

Below there are pictures of my view from the top of the Mensvic Hotel as well as pictures from my first restaurant visit in Ghana. #Enjoy
My View From the Top of the Mensvic Hotel 

The First Restaraunt I ate at in Ghana #LOVEDIT 
The page of the menu that I ate from. The prices are in Ghana Cedis.

This salad dish was always served as an apetizer that was free. It came with that spicy tomato based sauce you see beside it. It is a dry lettuce with tomatoes, onions, and lime. I ate the lettuce and onions without the sauce. The lettuce was extremely fresh.  

This is what I ordered 'wings and chips.' The wings had some type of bread that favored pizza crust under it. It had a sour dough flavor. The chicken tasted like it was charcoal-grilled and the fries or chips were good but normal. This meal was very "American" #TYPICAL, I know :) This became one of the common places my classmates and I ate at because of its convenient location (5 min walk from the hotel) and good food.

Below are pictures of Ghanaian cedi  which are worth more than American money. The conversion rate at the moment is one Ghana cedi being worth $0.33 in American money. I loved the conversion rates. They fluctuate all the time but considering the amount of money that I took to Ghana, I always had more than enough money to spend. The last amount I converted before I left was 50 American dollars which gave me 150 Ghana cedi. :)
This is 20 Ghana Cedis (Front)

5 Ghana Cedis (front)

1 Ghana Cedi (front)


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