In all the photos that follow are images from our visit to the Keta Slave Fort. The visit to this fort brought about many emotions for me and other people in our group. Of the emotions I felt were anger, disbelief, and sadness. The tour guide was amazing with his descriptions and stories of the tragedies that took place on the same grounds we walked today, many years ago. To see locks and hooks made into the cement ground that they locked slaves to upon their arrival produced a "wow we live in a sick world" type of emotion. I cannot begin to understand why or how any human being thought it was fit and proper to own another and treat him/her like animals. It was never fit or proper and it never will be but what I do know is that the black or if you prefer the other term, African-American, race came from a long line of strength. The strength to endure pure horror and torture is not something many are equipped with or should ever need but they had it. So because of that, anything that ever goes wrong in my life, I must make it through and I cannot complain. It is simply nothing as hard as what my ancestors had to endure happening to me now.

The sign outside the fort
A small part of the description of the fort 

A random bench outside the fort 

The water by the fort 

This tree screamed at me. It said to me "Though I can be twisted and bent out of shape, still I stand tall."
Strange, I know but that is what I see.

This was written at the top of a wall

The side of our bus that we always traveled in

A woman outside her house next to the fort

Inside the fort 

There were many scribblings on the wall from people who have visited the fort
over the years 


Up close

Inside what we were told was a museum 

Where the enslaved people in chains were hooked to the ground
 when they first arrived to the fort. The indentations in the floor were said to
be from the enslaved pulling and fighting to move and find comfort in their chains 

Writing on the wall that says

Another place where the enslaved were chained to 

Area in the middle of the fort 

Tour guide explaining images of capture and torture

Cooking instrument 

Cooking instrument


Kitchen Area 


More Kitchen


The DUNGEON OF NO RETURN was where the enslaved were tortured and

Chains and hooks made into the floor in the DUNGEON OF NO RETURN
More hooks

A pillar in the DUNGEON OF NO RETURN 

 I just know that the enslaved people had to be terrified
for their lives while in these rooms 

Another writing on the wall

A barred window

Another writing on the wall from 1998

The only light into a room in the fort  
Rocks and bricks put in a window opening to deny the enslaved the right to

Here the tour guide asked us what we saw....this is natural decomposition of the
outer walls of the fort

What you should see is a woman with a baby tied to her back.
 The woman's arm is up as she holds her product on top of her head.
This is a typical image of an African woman but there is mystery here.
How did this image get here? The material of the building wore off
just right and here lies this African queen. A naturally created image.

The coast right outside the fort that enslaved Africans were taken across 

The outside of the fort

A wave splashing rocks 

The tour guide explained that the building when originally constructed, was
made of shells, sand, and other natural materials

A boat I saw from afar on the water 

This is a room in the upper portion of the fort
Imagine being in a room so tiny 

I took this picture standing on the upper portion of the fort. In order to get to
what was like floor two of the fort we literally had to climb up the back of the
building and there were not any steps

An old cannon 

The water was so peaceful and pretty but my feelings were so bitter and eerie

Structures around the fort

This writing on the wall stood out to me the most because it holds so much truth

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