My Site-sees (Photos and Video) from My First On-Foot Tour through Accra on a Scorching Hot Day!

The pictures you see below are random photos I took as a small group of students and I embarked on our first view of Accra. We had taxi money but our tour guide decided he would rather walk. It was soooooo hot!!! By the time we got back to the hotel we were all drenched in sweat and exhausted from this tour. All of us students on the trip were split up into five groups, I believe, with a different guide and given a task. My groups task was to find out the names of all the Black Stars Players. So we found our way to the Accra Sports Stadium and found some professional bikers who wrote down their favorite as well as their not so favorite Black Stars players. We did that rather quickly but spent a large part of the day wandering around Accra afterwards. Enjoy !

My view walking through an alley where vendors were set up 

The Ice Cream Vendor pointing to his favorite Black Stars player Dede Ayew 


Market woman carrying her boiled eggs 

Black Star Square 


A memorial for three ex-servicemen (Sergeant Adjetey, Corporal Attipoe and Private Odartey Lampteywho were gunned down at the Christianborg Crossraods on February 28th, 1948, while going to present a petition to the British Colonial Govenor, Sir Gerald Creasy. They were members of the "Gold Coast Regiment of the Royal West African Frontier Force" and fought in the Second World War alongside allied forces. (info from Ghana Archives)
The wiring around the memorial 

The back of the memorial 

A man resting under a big shade tree 

A man resting in a tress while another man on a motor bike looks away

Accra Sports Stadium

Kids playing Soccer as we know it and Football as they know it 

International Conference Centre which is an events venue in Accra 

Again (Front view) 

A political sign that hung outside the centre 

My group walking to the inside of the centre 

The wall on the inside of the centre 

Ghanaian Flags outside the centre 

A random parked taxi I saw on the street 

The Military Cemetery we passed by

So as I uploaded my pictures and videos to my computer from my camera, I noticed some instances where my camera was unknowingly recording. This video is of us stopping in a village to get some freshly fried whole but mini fish.

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