Religious Opinions


  • A lot of people seem to think they know what religion is best for the next person. But what I wonder is if they're really following one themselves. Well actually, THAT IS NONE OF MY BUSINESS! 
  • The unknown is always frowned upon in any situation. So when your friends, associates, and even strangers see you reading a book like Catholicism for Dummies their immediate reaction is a frown or a long pause before asking, “well why exactly are you reading that,” or a small chuckle before saying “Who do you know that is Catholic?” 
  • For me these responses are both comical and expected. I always answer with I am reading to gain knowledge on the matter, any matter, that is usually my reason for reading besides the mere enjoyment of the text. The second question, well yeah I actually do know people who are catholic, some family members. Next comes “So you’re Catholic too?” No, actually, I am not. I am currently not baptized under any religion at the moment. I am gaining knowledge of different ones in search of the right one.
  • Next more questions flood in. “Well why haven’t you been baptized?” DON’T YOU BELIEVE IN GOD ? ! ?
  • Yes, yes actually I do. 
  • My family was the type that provided an open-minded and free environment. No religion has ever been forced on me or any of my siblings. There was never a forced church outing every Sunday or a weekly bible study to attend. Does that mean religion was not present at all? No not at all. Just means that it was never forced.
  • So now that I am older and growing right on up by myself mostly, I am in search of a religion. I am not interested in going to a church for the social purposes only, where I will pay the leader of the congregation my whole salary and at the end of service be so tired and confused that I forgot just where I had driven my car to that morning.
  • So with all of that being said….Feel free to share your religious beliefs with me and who you follow and why. Though religion is a touchy subject for most, I do not feel that way at all. I mean after all, why should it be? Let’s talk about it! 


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