These pictures are from the welcome dinner at the hotel we stayed in for the first few days. At this dinner, other students and I that came from America met our host families of whom we would move in with a few days later. The food (despite the spicy parts because I am a crybaby about spicy foods)  was amazing and the entertainment was even better ! In Ghana and possibly all of Africa, dance and music are vitals parts of their culture and it comes through in their performances. They aren't merely doing it just because they get paid or just because they have been asked to. Their minds, bodies, hearts, and spirits are fully emerged in their performances.

Welcome dinner at Mensvic Hotel
My First Ghanaian Dish 
Chicken, spicy tomato based sauce, fried rice, jollif rice, and mixed veggies 

One of my classmates, Callista Addis on stage with performers

Enthusiastic Dancers 

More Enthusiastic Dancers

I decided to get on stage and play the drums :)

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