Love? One Day At A Time (Poem)

I love you 
Hold on 
I will be back 
Don’t be needy 
I didn’t say you were 
You’re strong 
I promise 
I will be there 
But when I’m done 
I’m here 
Enjoy but hurry 
I have to be somewhere 
Be thankful I’ve come 
You love me 
So love you 
No that’s not how it works 
I love you 
I will be back 
I have to work 
Can’t talk to you 
Not much 
Some texts 
But no calls 
Good Morning 
I’m busy 
Give me a chance to respond 
Separate ways 
No we’re fine 
One day at a time 
I don’t wanna move on 
But if we do 
It’ll be nothing to me 
Cause I mean 
Life goes on 

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