Your Journey (poem)

There is this road 
Get on it 
Go that way 
No wrong turn 
Feels good this way
The direction is off 
Get on the road 
Turn the right way 
Stay on that path 
It'll lead you somewhere 
Somewhere great 
Just trust in me 
I've got your back 
You're off the road 
Where are you going 
Don't get off track 
The road is back this way 
Get back 
The path you need 
Follow that and only that 
On this road you must travel 
You must go 
You have it 
Your journey only
Your guide is now you 
Stand tall 
Hold your ground 
For the long 
Walk through 
Only you can do this 
This is for you 
Here is the road 
You must stay on 
Now do it 
Begin your journey 
It'll be tough 
And be loved. 

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