"The Crouching Black Boy"


Yesterday I was riding down S. Alston avenue in Durham N.C headed to a soror's house. There was a cop car following directly behind me for about two miles or so. As we pulled up to a red light, there was two young black boys, probably between the ages 5 and 7, playing outside in front of a home. The youngest boy looked up from rolling on the grass and saw the cop car approaching. He quickly alerted his counterpart to look up. He then ran and crouched down in the grass beside a bush with his hands covering his head as if the cop driving past was there to harm him. This scene made me extremely sad and hasn't left my mind. I am not surprised considering everything that has occurred in our America involving cops and black boys nowadays but it still saddened me. Cops vow to protect and serve. Young black boys and black men the same, should not have to experience such a high fear and or tension when cops are in the same vicinity with them. This world has to change. We are all human regardless of job titles and the sense of power over others that they may bring. The crouching black boy has already been enlightened that cops are not their friends and that they have to crouch in fear instead of being able to run and play freely. But America is "The Land of the Free" and the "Home of the Brave." Who's the free ? And who's the brave? The crooked cops that indulge in police brutality to feed their racism and hatred? Or the young black boy interrupted from his childish games who's now crouched on the ground with his hands over his head in fear?

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