Words to be spoken (poem)

Speak so you may be heard 
We're told 
If you don't have kind words 
Don't speak after all 
Pay attention to the feelings of others 
Use your mouth 
But not without a filter 
Don't rub people the wrong way 
Speak louder 
I can't hear you 
What'd you say?
Treat others how you'd like to be treated 
You never know what they're doing through 
They may need it 
But what if I don't receive the same respect ? 
Oh, it's not always about that 
Speak to be heard 
So people will hear you 
Watch what you say 
Works will help in how people receive you
Everyone won't speak kindly everyone won't hush 
Navigate through life 
Figure out when it's best 
When it means the most 
Speak when you want 
And speak when you must 
The world cannot change 
Not when everyone is so hushed 
Sure, words can hurt 
But what about the silence ?
Be wise with your words 
Everyone won't find you the kindest 
Speaking words in this world 
It can be a bit a quite contradicting matter 
So it's up to you 
I say speak
But you're free to do the latter 

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