Life: The Stomach Aches

My stomach aches 
The stress of life 
Weighing on my intestines 
The ache of worry 
Sending shots through my vital organs 
What do I do 
What is wrong in life 
What is right 
How do I navigate 
Will there always be strife 
My stomach aches 
With the pains of what if 
What if I make a wrong turn 
What if it feels right 
What if it's still wrong 
Will I make it 
Will I fail 
What are the answers 
Are they out there
My stomach aches 
With traces of tainted love 
With the thought of being alone 
With the stress of life's burdens 
Will I make it cross the hurdle 
Is this all a set up 
Are you waiting on me 
Do I make the move
Do I get up 
Do I go 
But where to 
My stomach aches 
With unanswered questions 
Of life and it's obstacles 
And which way I should turn 
The way I NEED to turn
But never question him 
Is what they say 
But if I cease the questions 
Here is where I will stay 
Maybe it's right
Maybe wrong 
God, I'm convinced 
Heaven only knows 
I want it to stop 
But the stomach aches on...

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