The Frederick Douglass National Historic Site

 Pictured below are photos from the inside and outside of the Frederick Douglass Memorial house in Washington DC. It is a National Park site and was my job for the day due to the fact that I am not interning with NPS. The house was beautiful but this is not the only place he lived. Any wood floors seen in the photos are the original floors. Unfortunately, my camera died so I had to take photos with my iPhone but I hope you all enjoy!


What we'd call the living room

What we'd call the morning room or formal living room 

Book shelf in his study

His study 

Abraham Lincoln 

A rare photo of Frederick Douglass that shows how he looked while living in this home. He preferred paintings. 

His dining room. If you look closely, you'll notice that one chair is bigger than the rest. This was Frederick Douglass' chair. This area is also where he entertained his many guests. 

He and his second wife's china 

This area was a pantry 

Veggies in the pantry 

Here you see a wooden box of coco. It is said that he did not like alcohol so he kept coco on hand for himself and wine on hand for his guests that did indulge

The kitchen table where his children, grandchildren, and servants would eat. 

A pie holding/warming area

Old fashion ice cream maker 

Washing boards and buckets 

Ironing boards and irons 

Laundry area


Chest room 

His nephew's room 


The room of Frederick Douglass. His room seemed to be the darkest in the entire house.

Front of the house 

Side of the house 

House in the back 

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