"You're going to grad school for FILM? How COOL! But you know there's no money in that, right" SERIES

Ever since I was in high school at Rocky Mount Senior high from 2009-12, I knew that I wanted to attend film school. I attempted to begin that journey when during my senior year by applying to the Art Institute of Washington D.C. My heart was pretty much set on going there but North Carolina Central University sent me a letter expressing their interest in me so I applied there just as a back up and really just because because I was extremely adamant about not attending there because the majority of my high school class was planning to attend there or somewhere in the area and I thought I wanted a completely new scene that came with new people. I was accepted to the art institute before graduation so my mom and I decided to take a trip up that way to visit the school and find out more about the next steps in order to ensure I did everything possible to be there the following fall as a freshmen. Well unfortunately, during that trip the school officials spoke with us about a number of things, financial obligations being the main one. I am from North Carolina so this meant out-of-state tuition. Let me stop here and give you a little background info, I am not the only child, I did not have a job, and my mom "made too much" for me to secure any financial aid towards my tuition. Needless to say, I did not attend the Art Institute. NCCU became my undergraduate home and it literally grew on me and helped me grow but all the while film school never left my mind, heart, or lips. I needed the journey through NCCU to mold and shape into the diverse and well-rounded individual I am today but my journey there has ended. It did so on an amazing note, good grades, two degrees on one trip. Due to all my hard work and diligence, I was able to secure a spot as a film student in the MFA Film and Electronic Media program at THE American University. My academics helped pay for tuition as well as secure me a spot as a TA and what is left I have loans to cover and any left after that, I will pay monthly by pocket. I AM SO BLESSED AND THANKFUL. I never thought I would actually get to film school. After I was not able to attend the AI, I felt down and defeated and sometimes like it just was not meant to be but what is for you will literally always be for you. I just was not as ready as I thought I was then. Never give up on what it is that you really really want to do. I want to be a filmmaker because I feel like there is no better way to not only get a message across but to actually bring about emotion from an individual than to display in action in front of their very eyes. Since deciding I was attending film school, when mentioning it to people when they ask questions like "what's next for you" or "what are you doing now?" I get all types of responses like "Wow, that's different, cool!, really ? *puzzled look* to the best and most consistent one which is, 'YOU KNOW THERE'S NO MONEY IN THAT, RIGHT?" Well I would have them and anyone out there reading this know, I am choosing to do this because it is a dream of mine, I feel like I was destined for it, and I do not have the "9-5 mediocre unenjoyable job for the rest of my life" mindset. I think outside the box and there is a burning flame inside of me ready to tell stories of my own and create them for other people on screen. This is why I have chosen this title for my first post and the following you'll see. I am currently enrolled in Film and Media Boot Camp that lasts for three weeks. Today was my first day and I want to share this journey with everyone because maybe they want to do this, want to know more about what a MFA film program looks like or cannot go to college at all.  I plan to post daily but when it gets hectic (cause it was my first day today and it was INTENSE!), weekly about what I am doing and learning so be on the lookout. Also, feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, and concerns. Thanks lovelies :)

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