"You're going to grad school for FILM? How COOL! But you know there's no money in that, right" SERIES: Film & Media Boot Camp DAY ONE

I am enrolled in two courses Monday-Thursday: 

1.Principles of Photography 9:00am-12:10pm 
2.Production Practicum 1:00-4:30 

Today was scary, nerve-racking, but worth it, I think. 
This boot camp is like being at work but getting paid with knowledge and experience. 

In my first course mentioned above I found out that I have A LOT to learn about photography. I am excited because it has always been one of my favorite things but I quickly began to get nervous when I heard the professor mention "film cameras, developing, chemicals and dark rooms. I am a digital camera type of girl. The most I know about shooting on cameras where the film has to be developed are those small plastic ones my mom and grandma used to buy to take photos for family events and later get developed at a counter in Walmart or the classic polaroid cameras that gave you instant photographs. Luckily we were given cameras and given the option to purchase everything you see in the image below minus those two books and the camera. We were given the option to pay $150 for a brown paper bag of supplies that included film rolls (some are not pictured), photographic paper, and film strip transparent sheets. We were lectured on subjects like aperture, shutter speed, lens, depth of field, among other things. We were taught how to load our film into the cameras provided and sent on our way to shoot tonight and bring back the film that we will be developing in a dark room tomorrow. This was another one of my nervous but excited moments. I am excited because, WOW, I AM GONNA LEARN HOW TO SHOOT ON FILM AND DEVELOP IT TOO! Who knew I would ever do something so cool. I am nervous still at this moment because I shot my film roll of 38 photos as directed, testing out different aperture and shutter settings but there is no way of knowing if you really got that shot until the film is developed. The professor told us we just have to trust the numbers and what we are inputting into the camera. Well I am here to tell you, it is tough learning to shoot on a film camera versus shooting on my regular DSLR camera but I feel like this experience is making me that much richer as a photographer and one day I will be able to teach this to someone else or just enjoy it myself. My MFA in film is the equivalent of a PhD in film. Once I am done with this program, I can go on to teach at the collegiate level if I so desired to do so. Back to class, any who, pray for my images and that I actually have something on my paper when we develop tomorrow.

My second class was intriguing because of the professor's approach and enthusiasm towards teaching film. We did creative exercises in this class that were challenging but made you think. We were asked to draw, in one image, the film we want to create. Like if we could draw an image about the film we want to create what would it look like. You can find my image below that it took me almost the whole time to really draw but nevertheless I got what is inside my head out onto paper. The professor asked how many people drew their images with the paper horizontal versus vertical. Most people's were drawn on the paper vertically for various reasons but the most obvious being that it is naturally how a sheet of paper looks. Mine was horizontal because that is how my mind told me to draw it. The professor noted that our minds see and not our eyes and also that we must do things horizontally because no one's TV is vertical. We interpreted each other's images as a class and moved on to another assignment. The next assignment was shooting a conversation between two people on an iPhone but with different views or angles. This was fun and hands on and we pretty much ended the class after every group went back at least once or twice to re-shoot the video until they got it right.  

This concludes the DAY ONE post because I have homework left to complete. Adios!

Excuse my ugly drawings but I care about films that have a message that will evoke an emotional response cause as human beings we register joy as well as pain and store it away inside of us. Maybe one of films can allow for people to better understand their neighbors and the battles with which they go through on a regular basis by a fiction image I create for them on-scree with a real-life narrative attached to it. 

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