What does GROWTH look like to you?

Growth enters our lives in many forms whether it is through happiness, pain, love, and/or stress. It is simply inevitable. Recently I logged back into my blog and scrolled back to some of my very first posts. I was shocked to read of all the pain I seemed to be in and frankly how lost I was in the world. I can say I matured and the growth in my life was experienced in an academic aspect, common sense, and a better understanding of God, life and love. Growth is vital to our continuing existence. At times we stop or stunt our growth by partaking in things that God has sent clear warning signs about or that our gut tells us is wrong. We do these things because they obviously bring something peaceful to us or make parts of us content or even happy but in the whole, they are bad for us. The ability to compromise is a necessary asset to have but when you are compromising your happiness in full just to receive parts of what kind of feels good, we are in essence cheating ourselves.
For example, if you have a significant other who has a host of personal issues and flaws that are detrimental to your well-being but you love them and the love they are able to give to you at times so you in turn make excuses for their behavior, you are being unfair to yourself and placing yourself in harm's way. We make the excuses of, "oh they have been through a lot in life, they do not mean it, it is a lot going on with them, things will change, they are not always like this, when it is good, it is great, it only gets bad sometimes, no one is perfect," amongst other things. No one is saying, give up on who and what you love because they have flaws. I mean, clearly we all have them but when the flaws of an individual who is supposed to be your significant other start to harm your physical, mental, and/or emotional well-being, it is time to make a change or compromise that is beneficial to you in order to ensure you are healthy and growing properly.

Growth comes with sacrifice and loss sometimes. We must realize that everything we might want in life, may not be for us in that moment or ever. This may be a repeated pattern that you have experienced in life where nothing ever seems to be right or seems like it is truly for you. That does not mean your life is over and it does not mean that you are or have been doing something wrong. A lot of times, our choices do place us in compromising and unhealthy situations but that is not to be confused with self-blame for who and what other people and situations are in your life. Sometimes it is not you and you have no control over it but what you do have control over is what you decide to do for yourself. We must have faith that what is for us will always be there for us to utilize and what is not will only temporarily remain. Also, forcing what is not right will only bring havoc into your life that we can all do without. 

Life is all about choices...let that statement marinate in your mind and sit well in your soul as you navigate through life. 

 I decided recently that my well-being and growth are more important than anything at all and I have  all the faith that God will lead me to whom and what is for me. I have never felt more at peace. I am confident that he will do the same for you and when you are ready to allow him to water you like a plant and let go of what you want, he will give you what you need and you will GROW.

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